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Over the past six years, Ms. Moss has been fighting for better conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center and better medical care for inmates.  Ms. Moss has successfully recovered millions of dollars for people who have been denied adequate medical care while incarcerated. Ms. Moss continues to fight for inmates in facilities all over New Mexico. 


On April 13, 2015, an MDC guard raped a female inmate at the Second Judicial District Courthouse. The woman was shackled at the wrists and ankles at the time of the assault. The guard was in his uniform and wearing a gun when he committed the assault. Ms. Moss, who has represented other women sexually assaulted by correctional officers, successfully represented the victim in this matter in a civil rights lawsuit, helping her achieve justice. For more information, click on the button below.


On January 23, 2014, Nicole Moss, along with Len Walker, successfully negotiated a resolution to a class action lawsuit against the City of Tucumcari and city's Municipal Court judge, for systemic civil rights violations that had been ongoing for several years. As a result of the settlement, the Court changed the way it assessed fees for criminal defendants, agreed to provide representation to indigent defendant facing possible jail time and compensated citizens for fines and fees that had been illegally collected by the city for years. For more information on this story, click on on the button below.

Cummings Trial Pic.jpg

In 2022, Ms. Moss's client was found not guilty of second degree murder following a 7 day jury trial.  The jury found that Mr. Cummings acted in self defense when he shot Guillermo Arriola during a violent confrontation in San Ysidro, New Mexico.

Court Room

In February 2023, Ms. Moss, along with Jeramy Schmehl, reached a non-guilty verdict for an APD officer accused of rape. 

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