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Practice Areas

Experience matters. Our firm focuses in certain areas of law so that we can provide the knowledge and experience you deserve. Your case is important to you. Make certain you choose an attorney who understands what it takes to get you the best possible outcome.
Misdemeanor Crimes


Ms. Moss started her career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Metropolitan Court, prosecuting misdemeanor crimes including DUI/DWI, domestic violence, traffic violations and more.

Since then, she has handled hundreds of misdemeanor cases in courtrooms all over the State of New Mexico and has tried, and won, dozens of cases.  She understands that even misdemeanor charges can have a significant impact on her client's life and she fights zealously in every case. 


Felony Crimes


If you are facing felony charges, you need a serious attorney who knows the law, knows how to build a defense and knows how to fight. Ms. Moss has spent years handling serious felony crimes including drug trafficking, sex offenses, violent crimes, kidnapping and homicides. She has successfully tried and won felony cases all over the State of New Mexico and in the Federal Court.  In 2021 she went to trial and won two separate homicide cases, allowing her clients to return to their lives and their families.  When you are facing serious charges, you need attorneys who know how to win trials and are willing to fight for you.



White Collar Crimes


Defending against white collar crimes such as embezzlement, securities fraud, forgery, tampering with public records and tax evasion takes special skills and knowledge. These types of cases are often more complex than your typical criminal case. Ms. Moss has successfully defended clients against these types of charges in both state and federal court. If you are facing these types of charges, be certain you hire an attorney with the experience necessary to provide you with the defense you deserve.

Civil Rights

Who polices the police? We do. If you or a loved one has been the victim of excessive force, unlawful arrest or an illegal search, give us a call.

​Your rights don't stop when you are arrested. If your rights are violated by a jail guard, correctional officer or probation/parole officer, we may be able to help.

Inmates have a constitutional right to adequate medical care. If you or a loved one has been denied appropriate medical care while in custody, contact us. 

Contact us for a free consultation. If we take your civil rights case there are no legal fees unless you win.

Federal Charges

Criminal charges in federal court often carry much harsher sentences than the same charges would in state court. When the stakes are high, its important to have experienced attorneys that know how to practice in federal court. Ms. Moss has years of experience practicing in federal court. She has gone to trial in federal court and  has won multiple cases. If you or a loved one is facing federal criminal charges make sure you have an attorney that knows how to practice in federal court. 

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault allegations are among the most damaging accusations that can be made against someone. Just an accusation can cause irrevocable harm to a person's family, their reputation and their career. Sexual assault charges can also be among the hardest allegations to fight in court. These types of cases often don't have physical evidence and the nature of the allegations are such that the conduct often occurs when two people are alone. When facing these types of accusations, it is crucial to have an attorney with experience fighting these cases. Ms. Moss has spent years fighting these cases and winning!

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